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Spicy Wings

In Maci Aurora’s latest work, The Accidental Sereph, the characters struggle for and against the hand of fate all while enjoying the physical delights of their situation. Ivy and her sister Hazel have hopped from pillar to post most of their lives, disconnected from their legacy and the tradition ladened Seraph community. In contrast, Atlas and his pack of brothers are deeply rooted in the physical and spiritual heritage of their clan. These two factions collide as the fated mates bond draws Atlas and Ivy together in a dramatic bar scene. But Ivy isn’t the common virginal FMC. Her life on the run has made her worldly, tough as nails, and determined to reunite with her sister, even if it means leaving Atlas to clean up their broken bond.

This was a fast and titillating read. As it was the beginning of a series, there is a bit of world building, but that is expertly incorporated into the narrative. The character arcs and story narrative fit nicely into the novella format. I didn’t notice any editing or grammar issues that might pull the reader out of the story.

The main theme of this book is trusting fate. While Ivy has been taught to create her own path, Atlas trusts the path set before him. Both are certain they are doing what is best, but once they cross paths, they must throttle back on their modus operandi in order to stay in good standing with the other. The struggle makes each character grow beyond the tidy boundaries they’re used to.

My favorite feature of this telepathic banter between Atlas and his brothers. It was hilarious yet informative.

Reader, be informed that there is an extra helping of detailed spice at every conceivable opportunity once Atlas and Ivy give in to fate.

I give The Accidental Sereph four stars and recommend it for anyone who wants to add spice and adventure their TBR.

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