W. A. Ford 

I had the privilege of growing up with my elders on a sunny front porch in the country.  Here I learned my family’s history, hospitality, and the art of good storytelling. My favorite stories were those about dark and haunted places and the entities that lurk there. But time is not kind. I slowly lost my elders and my days on the porch became few and far between.  The joy of storytelling stayed with me and the paper became my audience. Now, I share my stories with the world as a tribute to my ancestors. 

I’ve been telling stories and creating worlds since I could write. In 2013, I completed my first manuscript and plunged into the wild rapids of traditional publishing.  Two years later, I emerged with few viable offers and a greater appreciation for those who’ve succeeded in that game. In the interim, I’d created more books and had notebooks overflowing with ideas.  A friend introduced me to the amazing world of self-publishing and advised that this, thanks to Amazon, no longer had the old ‘not good enough’ stigma. I refined my manuscript and in the summer of 2015, published my first book ‘The Dogwood Grove.’  I enjoyed the entire process and the non-writer skills I acquired. I went on to publish two more books before taking a life break. 

I reentered the bookish community in 2020 with the first book of my Cards of Fate series, The Fadian Experiment.