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Children of Gweita


Friedrich des Allmandes  is not that unusual for his time and place. A mixed-raced freeman, he gets by on day work and his deceased mother's mystical reputation. On the surface,  his life is no different from any other hired hand, but Friedrich has his own mystical reputation.  To his mother's people,  he is a promised savior who can lead them to freedom, but not until he embraces the spirits of their homeland. To his father's people, he's a ghost...his father's ghost,  and they're far more accurate than they know. Friedrich has no plans on following either path until he lays eyes on the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. 

Savench lives in a gilded cage built by those who share her blood. Her days are spent serving her well-bred half-sister, but now that they've come of age, their resemblance cannot be ignored. Shunned  by polite society, they are shunted into a rural household. All seems well, but behind the scenes Savench is victim to the supernatural forces of their new home. Help comes in the form of a hulking German who promises her an escape from her horrible life. The opportunity is perfect, but is he or anything he promises real? 


In this historical fantasy, the fate of an entire bloodline rests on the choices made by two people with little understanding of their role in the universe. 

Cousin Baby


Coming in 2022

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